ENom Cashen Associates - ENom & Cashen and Associate SPAMMERS

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eNom's Domain Name Reseller, William Nelson Cashen "aka" Nelson Cashen & wife Diane Cashen continue to use their ISP, eNom in the USA, and proxy servers "world Wide" to "Harass" their former neighbours with continual "Spam, Phishing & Viruses every day to Yahoo & Hotmail Email Accounts. These Clowns associate with desperate people (drug dealers, prostitutes, street urchins etc.) using there many credit cards to buy their support.

After collecting "Free Rent" for 17 years, they have recently been fired from a superintendents job on Nepean Street in Ottawa.

Nelson Cashen is "Delusional" and thinks he's a C. E.

O. and that they'll never get caught, "But The People They Harass Are RELENTLESS!"

Review about: Service Harassment.

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